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 Spead the WORD!

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Age : 54
Localisation : Nice/France - Bali/Indonesia
Emploi : International real estate agent
Loisirs : beach, internet, reading
Registration date : 2007-04-25

Spead the WORD! Empty
PostSubject: Spead the WORD!   Spead the WORD! EmptyFri Aug 03, 2007 1:42 pm

Hi to all,

As you certainly already know I worked and still work a lot on the site and this forum. I am putting a lot of effort and energy in them.

I lived long time in English countries and I know how it is difficult to find your way when the country you are in doesn t speak the same language as you.

This is WHY I created this FREE website and forum.

to help the English Speaking Community on the French Riviera: the place where I was born.

Please help me to make them growing BY SPREADING the WORD.

All the Best.

Bruno. Wink
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Spead the WORD!
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