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 Favourite French Riviera Beaches

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PostSubject: Favourite French Riviera Beaches   Favourite French Riviera Beaches EmptySun Jul 15, 2007 7:55 pm

French Riviera Beaches? Pebbles? Rocks? or Sand? (Different colors also available...)

This is the French Riviera!

Beaches stretch along the Mediterranean shore. Some are private and others public and free. Both organize parties and events all year long.

During summer the beaches can be quite congested. The best time of year to enjoy them is May and September when it is not to hot and not too crowded. You can walk along the length of the shore including the private beaches if you stay close of the sea.

In Nice most of the beaches have pebbles, in Cannes and surroundings, sandy beaches and if you walk out of the tracks many rocky beaches can be found.

A tip: to cope with the pebbles and rocks: take shoes you can wear in the water.

#########Private? ------------------------------------ Public?#########

We have it all Here!!!


Private French Riviera Beaches

On private beaches, one main benefit is Service (French service!). First, you will have a proper sun-lounger which costs these days around 15 €, half day being cheaper. When it is not high season it is much cheaper and with a smile you can always negotiate, as customers are needed at this period of the year!

A parasol costs around 4 € and the same amount if you ask for a towel, usually pretty small; so bring your own it’s better. You can‘t bring your favourite drink and food on a private beach, you will have to buy from their estaurant/snack-bar.

A full day on a private beach can be very costly especially in trendy places such as St Tropez or Monaco. Others places tend to be cheaper, but still!!! It is hard to give a cost for a full day on a private beach.

An example last summer, we ended up paying 200€ on a private beach in Cannes and not the best one actually; my wife, my daughter and I. Only for two sun-lounges, one parasol, a couple of soft drinks and snacks.

A tip: every time you order pay the bill straight away to know how much you spent. Otherwise, you can end up at the end of the day having a Hugeeeeee bill, avoid the shock!

But after all, it's holiday time. You can go on private Riviera French Beaches as a treat and feel luxurious. If you like to be pampered and you can afford it, do not hesitate; you will certainly have a GREAT time and experiences. Anyway you can have a wonderful day without spending a fortune, all depends on you...

Usually people try different private French Riviera beaches and after their own experiences they stick to one. They are SO different, one from the other and they are so many, mainly all good.

Last tip: on Private French Riviera Beaches; during high season, book in advance. When you leave, book for the following day if you plan to come back. Some are fully booked all summer and sometimes months in advance.

Some people come here every year to the exact same spot! But don’t worry, you will always find a beach where sun loungers are still available...

Public French Riviera Beaches
On public beaches the 1st tip is this one: arrive early. You will be able to choose your spot as beaches start to become crowded in some places at 9am during high season! Bring a lot of water, your sun cream factor 30 a least for a start and if you have a very fair skin, after a few exposures, you can downgrade to factor 15.

Do not forget your towel, hat, sun glasses, a parasol, and a light beach-mat if you go on a beach with pebbles, otherwise it can be very uncomfortable. A cool-box is a good idea if not too big… A good book and magazines are always a good idea too, ENJOY!!!

Some sellers walk along the beaches with drinks, sandwiches, ice-creams, snacks and other things but it is usually expensive, bring your own. Not to much otherwise you will be exhausted having to carry all your stuff under the sun. Buying from private beaches can be expensive too but if you need to go to the bathroom --- some publics beaches don’t have these facilities!

It is not a good idea to stay between 11am and 3pm on Riviera Beaches, too hot and not good for your skin. The best being to arrive at 8am and to leave at 11am, you will really enjoy this time of the day. You can come back in the afternoon but it will be harder to find a spot.

Tip: go the beach in the morning and in the afternoon plan to visit the area. There is so much to see on the Riviera, but if you like the French Riviera Beaches spend your day there, watch up for sunstrokes!!!

Apart the public beaches along the shore of the Riviera, you can find small coves usually with rocks. There are dozens of them outside the cities, my favourite being between Villefranche sur Mer and Eze sur Mer.

Some are interesting too in the Cap d’Antibes and around the harbour of Nice. Locals know these areas and love them, so as for the public beaches always arrive early. In some you can spend all day as there is usually shade and trees.

My favourite beach of ALL is and has always been Beau Rivage in Nice just in front of the Meridien/Rhul hotel-casino. Easy to find as French Riviera Beaches usually have a sign with their names!

I LOVE this beach, not only because it is not far from my office (during summer I always find ½ hour to go there for a swim!). The exposure is perfect and even often crowded during high season. It is filled with nice people of all ages.

French Riviera Beaches? Private or Public you will love them, so different one from the other, you will find YOURS, believe me!
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Favourite French Riviera Beaches
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